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Jess Bull Anderson creates freely, letting her intuition guide her to develop deeply personal works through a meditative process.

Jess creates paintings that are often large in scale, allowing herself to be fully immerse in her creative journey. Jess finds painting to be incredibly healing and uses it as a visual journal to express her current emotional state, simultaneously grounding and inspiring her soul. Her work is an authentic expression of her innermost thoughts and feelings, finding sanctuary within the universal force of unconditional love.

Each of Jess's paintings contains elements of symbolism, abstraction, and organic flow, with key motifs spanning numerous works. She takes time to deepen and develop ideas for her paintings over a period of months, allowing them to evolve and take on a life of their own. She feels a profound connection to each of her paintings and hopes that they will inspire others to connect fully with their own emotions and creative impulses.


Jess Bull Anderson's current artistic focus centres on exploring the concept of connections, from the relationship with the natural world to the impact of human connections on the perception of reality, as well as the connection to the self. Her artwork is deeply intuitive and draws from her personal experiences.


Untitled_Artwork 15.jpg
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