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Jess Bull Anderson is a London-based artist who is committed to create meaningful work for inspiring positive connection. With a focus on uplifting others, Jess creates art that inspires personal growth and deepens one’s appreciation to their self and the surrounding world. Jess's artistic process is deeply meditative, and she approaches each piece as a way to connect mind, body, and soul.

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 To cultivate this mind-body-soul connection, Jess practices Alexander Technique and yoga to maintain a balanced state of being. This allows her to achieve a sense of harmony and peace in throughout her body and soul, which is reflected in her art. 

Jess's artistic talent was recognized from a young age, having received numerous awards for her exceptional artwork. She held the prestigious art scholarship at King's High School Warwick for five years before pursuing her passion for music as a trombonist at Chetham's School of Music in Manchester, where she studied Art, Music, and Music Technology. Currently, Jess is a trombone scholar at the renowned Royal Academy of Music in London, where she is able to explore and develop her diverse creative outlets with freedom and passion. 

Jess's work has been exhibited at various venues throughout the UK, including the Southbank Centre in London, where her recent work ‘Nothing is Permanent’ was met with great admiration and positive acclaim, as part of a collaborative project with Mia Serracino and Daniel Pioro.

In 2021, Jess was appointed as the Artist in Residence at Newson Health in Stratford-upon-Avon, where her art has had a profound and positive impact on the local community. 

In 2022, Jess experienced severe memory loss due to chronic migraine, which unapologetically forced her completely pause everything in her life. She lost the ability to do so much which she had previously taken for granted, including art. It was incredibly humbling to go from spending most of her waking hours painting to completely forgetting the names of colours and unable to work out what a paintbrush should be used for.

Gradually over time, Jess recovered from her memory loss, and as she recovered, she developed a profound gratitude and appreciation of the smallest moments in life. Awakening from her memory loss, a period of complete creative silence in her life, the months that followed became a time of deep self-reflection, allowing her to re-evaluate her connection to her art and her sense of self. 

Reconnecting to life after her effective ego death, Jess has never lost the feeling of having absolute emotion in the present and appreciates the monumental value of the shift she has gone through. She has learnt how to fully embrace vulnerability, knowing that even in the darkest moments, there is always something to be grateful for. In rediscovering her artistic voice, she truly realised the importance of beauty and creativity, and how creating art is an integral part of her identity. 

Her work is now immensely personal, emotional, and deeply inspiring, and reflects the profound shifts she has experienced in her life. Jess is excited to continue sharing her art with the world and creating pieces that inspire connection, healing, and personal growth.

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